1937: Das Ende der Unschuld

1937: Das Ende der Unschuld
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Heike Bittner
Heike Bittner
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1937: La fin de l'innocence
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Comments about documentary «1937: Das Ende der Unschuld» (23)

Susan B. avatar
Susan B.

I watched this EPIC flick for twice, in theatre, and I won't give up any chances to watch it for the third time!

Steven H. avatar
Steven H.

In my opinion, it is the best Heike Bittner film, I am very pleased with this movie!

Louis P. avatar
Louis P.

Great FILM! You can watch it 4 times and still rediscover little quirks you hadn't noticed. Absolutely amazing.

Eric H. avatar
Eric H.

Heike Bittner takes a story, twists it and turns, plays with our expectations and leaves us with a great film. I've seen it plenty times and never get bored.

Doris avatar

Nice. Expect very much from the cast and director. And all expectations fulfilled.

Daniel E. avatar
Daniel E.

I’ve seen 1937: La fin de l'innocence movie over 100 times, no kidding. It never gets old and I’ve seen the different versions of the film on many different formats at this point.

Arthur M. avatar
Arthur M.

Superb! I rarely get to go to a movie with my older son after his siblings came along. We did manage to go to this movie in the cinemas. Not only were we glad we chose this movie to watch, but we still recall the impact this movie had on both of us.

Jerry G. avatar
Jerry G.

A good story line, a brilliant roles played by a collection of lovely actors & actresses, a good filming!

Julia H. avatar
Julia H.

One of the greatest films ever made. Please do not watch it on TV because Heike Bittner tuned the editing in such a precise way that simply pausing for a commercial break can literally affect the way your brain processes this masterpiece.

Christine Estrada avatar
Christine Estrada

From the beginning to the very end, the 1937: La fin de l'innocence is interesting and enjoyable!

Craig H. avatar
Craig H.

If any people ask to me to recommend a very well made Documentary movie i surely recommend this one, and i really hope that could exist a sequel, i would love it.