Santiago Apostol

Santiago Apostol

Santiago Apostol is a movie starring Jorge Aravena, Héctor Arteaga, and Alexis Ayala. The life of the Apostle James the Greater, from his time with Jesus, then on his own.

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Héctor Arteaga, Alexis Ayala, Antonio Barreiro, Jorge Aravena
Alan Coton
Sandra Becerril
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Comments about biography «Santiago Apostol» (33)

Karen Perez avatar
Karen Perez

The life of the Apostle James the Greater, from his time with Jesus, then on his own.

Heather Reed avatar
Heather Reed

Excellent film!!!! But then again I feel Héctor Arteaga can't make a bad movie :-)

Raymond avatar

Fantastic movie! Instantly one of my favorites. It felt so realistic and relatable, thanks to great directing, writing, and acting.

Betty Nelson avatar
Betty Nelson

I can't even begin to describe how cool this movie is! Héctor Arteaga, especially, was excellent! Breathtaking!!!! Antonio Barreiro was AWESOME...that man can play ANY role!!

Edward Gonzales avatar
Edward Gonzales

This is one of THE best original Biography movies to come out in a long time! The cinematography, ORIGINAL choreography, story, cast and acting are all spot-on! The over-all production quality is top!

Helen avatar

Ever since the beginning of the film, I was so amazed and happy That I was at the premier of the movie. Very good acting from all the main characters and good acting from the rest.

Lawrence Carroll avatar
Lawrence Carroll

This is a nice Biography movie, I recommend it.

Jose Griffin avatar
Jose Griffin

I can watch this movie over and over great production well played!

Karen P. avatar
Karen P.

It was great. Keeps you guessing and wanting to watch more!

Kevin avatar

The film is perfect! The story is great. The actors did a great job, especially Héctor Arteaga.

Danielle P. avatar
Danielle P.

Very good movie with great scenes. Would strongly recommend watching this