Malacopa is a movie starring Alfonso Arau, Alan Del Castillo, and Tamara Mazarrasa. An architect solves his problems by getting drunk and creating an alter ego.

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Running Time
1 hours 23 minutes
Alfonso Arau, Hector Kotsifakis, Alan Del Castillo, Tamara Mazarrasa
Armando Casas
Francisco Villarreal, Rafael Gaytán, Herminio Ciscomani, Eric Arcos Maldonado, Samantha Guillén
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Comments about comedy «Malacopa» (83)

Scott G. avatar
Scott G.

An architect solves his problems by getting drunk and creating an alter ego.

Zachary O. avatar
Zachary O.

There are some beautiful shots and colours in this film! It's amazing for its plot setting, pace, visual effect, music etc.

Ronald Barrett avatar
Ronald Barrett

First at all this movie is one of the best movies I've ever watched. The visuals, the actors, the story, the sounds, the music, everything is so pretty! Hector Kotsifakis plays her role beautifully and charming. Tamara Mazarrasa never played better. You won't see such a movie ever again

Pamela K. avatar
Pamela K.

This is one of Armando Casas must see film.

Eric avatar

Armando Casas has made a great movie. Gorgeous scenery, great film!

Justin avatar

If any people ask to me to recommend a very well made Comedy movie i surely recommend this one, and i really hope that could exist a sequel, i would love it.

Jessica Wells avatar
Jessica Wells

Amazing movie, I would definitely recommend it to all.

Denise avatar

Can watch it 10 times and still see new things you missed. Armando Casas is a genius!

Linda M. avatar
Linda M.

Fantastic! Each character had their own unique voice and their own unique reaction to the situation at hand. Hector Kotsifakis and Tamara Mazarrasa were the only actors who I knew fairly well beforehand. However, after watching the film twice, I became a fan of everyone.

David avatar

Not for the uneducated viewer. the cast is beautiful! Hector Kotsifakis does a very good job making us love his. Tamara Mazarrasa was a character i loved and surprised me how well he acted in his role.

Nicholas Ramirez avatar
Nicholas Ramirez

Great movie. Great actors.