A Soldiers Creed

A Soldiers Creed

A Soldiers Creed is a movie starring Vanessa Anders, Alcides Dias, and Venisi 'Cocomo' Faletau. Timothy Hughes (Adrian Lockett) returns back from War only to face tragedy. His brother has been murdered , and they have no witnesses....

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Running Time
1 hours 20 minutes
Vanessa Anders, Venisi 'Cocomo' Faletau, Adrian Lockett, Alcides Dias
Juan Salas
Other Titles
The Wolf Catcher
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日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

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Albert Mills avatar
Albert Mills

Timothy Hughes (Adrian Lockett) returns back from War only to face tragedy. His brother has been murdered , and they have no witnesses. which sends him on a downward spiral of Violence along with his Uncle ( DSR legend, Big Tuck), while being pursued by a DEA Agent (Christian Petrovich) under investigation , who takes one last chance at a new life but digs himself deeper than he ever thought. - Meanwhile a young Hispanic youth (Alexander Luna) gets in over his head trying to impress a Girl , that takes him down a dangerous road to the Mexican Cartel. Unknown to all 3, their lives will soon Collide . From RISING upcoming Director JUAN SALAS, comes this 8X Award Winning Indie EPIC. WINNER of Best Feature, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Best Editing across several Festivals.

Kathryn avatar

Oh. MY. GOD!!! The Wolf Catcher has everything you need! really good and very intense movie.

Sara G. avatar
Sara G.

I LOVE THIS MOVIE!! freaking hilarious, and the cast is amazing!!

Julia G. avatar
Julia G.

Great movie. Alcides Dias is wonderful in this part.

Jonathan Mitchell avatar
Jonathan Mitchell

Wow, this film absolutely blew me away. The plot is good and the action scenes are just breathtaking.

Marie avatar

Usually I try to be careful with over hyping a film, or setting the expectations too high, as film geeks all are guilty for, however for Juan Salas, this really is not possible.

Adam L. avatar
Adam L.

U just can't simply predict whats up next. Believe me, U can't! This movie delivers much more than i expected and i expected a lot.

Nicholas avatar

This is the cutest movie!! Literally the cutest.

Marie C. avatar
Marie C.

First at all this movie is one of the best movies I've ever watched. The visuals, the actors, the story, the sounds, the music, everything is so pretty! Alcides Dias plays her role beautifully and charming. Venisi 'Cocomo' Faletau never played better. You won't see such a movie ever again

Walter Johnston avatar
Walter Johnston

How could they manage to do this? WOW! Most enjoyable movie for me. Every moment with Alcides Dias on screen is awesome.