Kasane is a movie starring Tao Tsuchiya, Kyôko Yoshine, and Tadanobu Asano. An ugly but talented actress gains the power to copy the bodies of beautiful actresses temporarily. But how long can she maintain the facade?

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Running Time
1 hours 52 minutes
Thriller, Drama, Horror, Action, Fantasy
Kyôko Yoshine, Macaulay Callard, Tadanobu Asano, Tao Tsuchiya
Yûichi Satô
Daruma Matsuura, Tsutomu Kuroiwa
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Comments about thriller «Kasane» (83)

Julia Gonzalez avatar
Julia Gonzalez

Kasane is an ugly girl who is severely bullied by her classmates because of her appearance; making things worse, Kasane's mother was a beautiful actress to whom Kasane is a dark contrast, even though she is as talented as her mother. However, one day Kasane's mother dies and leaves her a tube of lipstick, which Kasane finds is magical: if she takes it and kisses someone, she takes on their appearance for a short time. Kasane makes a deal with Nina Tanzawa, a beautiful lady who wants to be an actress but isn't talented enough. Kasane finds success and appreciation as Nina, but Nina eventually wants to be recognized for herself. How long can Kasane continue her act, and how desperate will she become to keep her success?

Terry White avatar
Terry White

This movie is absolutely one of the best movies I have ever seen in my life.

Doris P. avatar
Doris P.

Tadanobu Asano turned in his best performance of his lifetime! Macaulay Callard was an amazing supporting actress! I have never seen anything like it. I would recommend you see this movie as fast as you can

Betty Willis avatar
Betty Willis

Dazzlingly brilliant! Just Check it out! I have to say that this is an extremely well-made film I really like.

Carolyn Lee avatar
Carolyn Lee

Way better than I thought it would be based on the previews.

Debra P. avatar
Debra P.

I enjoyed the movie! Good acting!

Terry R. avatar
Terry R.

Brilliant! This movie is proof that you don't need all the special effects in the world to make an amazing Fantasy movie.

George G. avatar
George G.

Daruma Matsuura is an impeccable storyteller. That’s why was astonishing and spectacular!

Brian Clark avatar
Brian Clark

A beautifully written, acted, and crafted movie. Highly recommended!

Lori avatar

This is on the list of one of my favorite movies.

Austin S. avatar
Austin S.

Incredible I went to the cinemas to see this, and as a huge Tadanobu Asano fan I found no disappointment. Macaulay Callard are also favourite actor of mine and bringing them all together made me most happy. I loved the plot and how it is so compelling and intriguing.