Murdered at 17

Murdered at 17

Murdered at 17 is a TV movie starring Susan Walters, Cristine Prosperi, and Blake Burt. A young, sexy, and damaged boyfriend tricks a teenage girl into thinking she murdered her best friend.

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Susan Walters, Emily Galley, Cristine Prosperi, Blake Burt
Curtis Crawford
Gemma Holdway, Cyndi Pass, Christine Conradt
Other Titles
Accusée de meurtre à 17 ans
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日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

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Joan avatar

Pretty and popular, seventeen-year-old Brooke Emerson is the envy of her classmates--and even some of her closest friends. But while she seems to have it all, Brooke has never felt so lost. Ever since she sustained a head injury during a cheerleading stunt the previous year, she's suffered from a disorder that causes her to fly into uncontrollable, sometimes violent rages. As hard as she tries to keep it together, she finds herself in danger of jeopardizing her seemingly perfect life. It isn't until Brooke meets Jake, a handsome and charismatic stranger, that she feels like she's found someone who not only understands her, but accepts her for who she is. As tempting as it is to get swept up in the romance, she can't help but feel like something in their relationship isn't quite right. When her best friend is brutally murdered, Brooke has no choice but to depend on her new love...especially because she's worried that she might be the killer.

Paul avatar

We really enjoyed this movie! Thought it was very entertaining.

Angela J. avatar
Angela J.

Such a great film. Well worth the watch.

Joyce Gonzales avatar
Joyce Gonzales

It is not an "entertaining" movie. It is a creation of a Masterpiece.

Maria avatar

Compelling plot accompanied by quality acting.

Frances Morrison avatar
Frances Morrison

Fantastic! Each character had their own unique voice and their own unique reaction to the situation at hand. Blake Burt and Susan Walters were the only actors who I knew fairly well beforehand. However, after watching the film twice, I became a fan of everyone.

Victoria avatar

This movie made me feel a range of emotions. It's been years since a movie made me these many ways.

Laura Schultz avatar
Laura Schultz

Oh my God!!! I can say without overstatement that I just saw the most gripping and entertaining film to come out in at least the past ten years!

Jane avatar

WOW! This movie is Cyndi Pass Masterpiece! It’s the incarnation of "cool-awesome-amazing". for me it combines everything I wish in one single movie!

Ryan Burke avatar
Ryan Burke

Was actually pretty damn good. The film was good.