En busca del indio conejo

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Annie Canavaggio
Annie Canavaggio
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In Search of the Rabbit Indian
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Comments about documentary «En busca del indio conejo» (15)

Willie G. avatar
Willie G.

Legendary Annie Canavaggio are at their finest! A Solid Watch!

Harold Montgomery avatar
Harold Montgomery

Hoo-wee! Where to start! Well written and directed, good actors choice.

Evelyn avatar

Great movie with amazing actors! I have been expecting this film for a long time now. And tonight when I finally got to see it I was not let down.

Evelyn Y. avatar
Evelyn Y.

We rented this film "In Search of the Rabbit Indian" for a trip and it was very entertaining.

Larry avatar

A movie of the highest order! Directed by Annie Canavaggio has outdone himself. This is seriously his best film to date.

Rachel avatar

Light entertainment with a great cast. If you like the actors, and enjoy something light hearted, think you will enjoy this film.

Samantha Bishop avatar
Samantha Bishop

Great Documentary movie. Added to my favorites list for sure. Great movie to watch over again.

Rachel Grant avatar
Rachel Grant

I didn't even know about this movie, I had sort of read media about it, but I thought it was to be a series. Well, caught the movie on TV, seen it 5 times, it is extraordinary! The storyline, the filming, the acting, what a treat!!!

Brittany avatar

Fab-u-lous!!! In Search of the Rabbit Indian is an amazing heist film, and probably one of the best ever made. Go see this film! It's fun!

Charles avatar

This movie has got everything. My rating to this one is 10000000.

Shirley avatar

Loved the entire plot of the movie!!!

Roger avatar

The reason I feel that this movie is such a TRIUMPH is the same reason I feel I lead a fulfilling life. I strive to live in the moment...to view my journey in life as exactly that: a journey.