Footprints of Pan Africanism

Footprints of Pan Africanism

Footprints of Pan Africanism is a movie starring Kofi Awooner, Doctor Robert E. Lee, and Cecile McHardy. In the 1950s, African Americans from all walks of life followed Kwame Nkrumah's call to come home to live and work in Africa....

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Running Time
1 hours 57 minutes
Doctor Robert E. Lee, Kofi Awooner, Cecile McHardy, Curtis Kojo Morrow
Shirikiana Aina
Shirikiana Aina
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Christopher avatar

In the 1950s, African Americans from all walks of life followed Kwame Nkrumah's call to come home to live and work in Africa. It was a call to not only help rebuild the independent country of Ghana, but to also join in the creation of a liberated Pan-African territory. On the day that Ghana's independence was proclaimed, Nkrumah, who became Ghana's first president, stated that Ghana's independence was meaningless unless it was linked to the liberation of the whole of Africa. Intertwining the struggles of the Diaspora and Africa, Footprints of Pan-Africanism honors the powerful bonds that were so crucial to this era. While one country was struggling for equity and the other for independence, both movements were rooted in a determination to reassert their humanity and recover from the impact of slavery and colonialism.

Amanda avatar

Can watch it 10 times and still see new things you missed. Shirikiana Aina is a genius!

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Brittany Gonzalez

Excellent film. Doctor Robert E. Lee and Curtis Kojo Morrow give amazing performances.

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Kimberly Lane

good movie. surprised but good acting and good Documentary.

Sarah avatar

A good movie with a good storyline. All the actors were outstanding in their roles.

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What an exciting movie. I was pleasantly surprised at how good this movie is.

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Daniel Murray

Kofi Awooner is one the best actors around. He is always so good. Never seen him underperformed. He gives a great shot here too! Awesome movie ever!

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Edward K.

A must-see! Especially for every lover of the unusual, Documentary and strange.

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Arthur K.

This movie fires on all cylinders! It was CRAZY! Doctor Robert E. Lee played his role with enthusiasm but Curtis Kojo Morrow is...well.. Curtis Kojo Morrow! It's definitely a Friday night flick

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Janet S.

Waaaaaayyyyy better than I thought it would be based on the previews.