Dogboy: Reckoning

Dogboy: Reckoning
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Casey Wedel
Casey Wendel
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Comments about horror «Dogboy: Reckoning» (20)

Lauren Burton avatar
Lauren Burton

The plot, the pacing, the character developments, the raw emotionally charged performances will keep you glued to your screen.

Theresa L. avatar
Theresa L.

One of the most inspiring Horror movies of all time, and for a good reason.

David Reed avatar
David Reed

I liked it. Good actors. Good story.

Joseph avatar

This is a really amazingly original movie: it's surprising actually, at first glance you'd think this must just be a good movie that made it to the cinemas - but it's more than a good movie! It brings and original story based plot with a new concept to it

Vincent J. avatar
Vincent J.

One of the greatest films ever made. Please do not watch it on TV because Casey Wedel tuned the editing in such a precise way that simply pausing for a commercial break can literally affect the way your brain processes this masterpiece.

Eugene M. avatar
Eugene M.

It's a great movie I give it 10 out of 10

Walter Lynch avatar
Walter Lynch

Casey Wedel has made a great movie. Gorgeous scenery, great film!

Marilyn Sandoval avatar
Marilyn Sandoval

Ever since the beginning of the film, I was so amazed and happy That I was at the premier of the movie. Very good acting from all the main characters and good acting from the rest.