Anni is a ten-year-old Chinese girl. In 2013, she was taken away by secret police and was banned from attending school shortly after she moved to an elementary school in Hefei city in China. Her father is a dissident under government surveillance. The government forbade her father from moving to a different house by controlling her schooling. Upon hearing the news, a number of people started to gather at a small public square outside the school gate in support of Anni. A few lawyers went on hunger strike. Some activists and petitioners also came to express their own political demands and personal grievances in relation to their rights. There were quarrels among the protesters because of different opinions. The parents and their children passed by with suspicion. Residents in the area had different views. Janitors complained that the protesters' banners messed up the neighborhood. Security guards demanded protesters being cooperative to their control while comforting the janitors. Anni practiced on her beloved skate board in the square. The national anthem was being played on campus. I took my camera toward the fence. Inside, Grade A students were giving speeches. The principal walked by and offered his judgment in his own way. He pointed out a scape goat. Ten days later, at the crack of dawn, several hundred police surrounded the square and an inn where the protesters were staying.

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1 hours 19 minutes
Rikun Zhu
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Adam Johnson

This film, is basically, at least in my opinion, one of the greatest films ever, period.

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This was one of the best movies I have seen in a long time...

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Zachary P.

Real or not, this movie is one hell of a journey! The cinematography is just unrealistic good. Outstanding!

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Ethan J.

This Documentary story is deeply satisfying. This movie is a must watch

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Nicole Jones

The acting, directing, camera work, music and the script, everything about this movie is spot on.

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Billy Thomas

Absolutely breathtaking and a fantastic way to make a movie interesting.

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Julie B.

Watched with mouth open. Rikun Zhu you are genius! Very Powerful Movie...

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One of the best movies I've seen in a long time. Highly recommended it.

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Christine Hopkins

We loved this documentary movie!