My Dear Wife

My Dear Wife

My Dear Wife is a movie starring Aakansha Kadre, Meenal Kapoor, and Jagat Rawat. Saajan and Ila a middle aged married couple, who keeps fighting with each other because over the years their marriage has turned so sour that the only...

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Running Time
2 hours 6 minutes
Jagat Rawat, Meenal Kapoor, Aakansha Kadre, Nakul Vaid
Chandan Kumar
Chandan Kumar, Samarprit Jain
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

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Brenda H. avatar
Brenda H.

Saajan and Ila a middle aged married couple, who keeps fighting with each other because over the years their marriage has turned so sour that the only way they can keep their passion alive is by taking jibes at each other all the time. Which underlies that they cannot live together but also don't want to live apart. This verbal abuse is fueled by an excessive smoking and consumption of alcohol. Late one Saturday evening after a company party, Ila invites Vinit, an ambitious young finance head in Specter Ltd were he's also promised to be promoted soon. And his trophy wife Amy, over few late night drinks. As the evening progresses, Vinit and Amy, after few drinks get caught up in Saajan and Ila's games of insulting each other.In the end, however, all of the characters are left with nothing but the truth.

Nicholas avatar

I just came back from seeing this movie, twice! Yes, it is that good. The highlight in this film was definitely Meenal Kapoor and Aakansha Kadre. Meenal Kapoor gave such a convincing and emotional performance in a character who is so sensitive. Aakansha Kadre was really good at bringing to life such a character. I was really amazed at how good he was playing

Lori R. avatar
Lori R.

After about ten minutes I was completely drawn in, all the way to the end. Very enjoyable!

Rachel B. avatar
Rachel B.

So fun! My entire family has enjoyed this movie several times!

Albert avatar

love the casting .... great movie

Amber Washington avatar
Amber Washington

I enjoyed it. A sweet story.

Ruth Jenkins avatar
Ruth Jenkins

I love love love this keeps you on the edge of your seat must see movie its truly amazing on sooo many levels

Marie Henderson avatar
Marie Henderson

Meenal Kapoor is an excellent, natural actor. This movie is funny, touching, sad, and quirky. I love it.

Donna Chen avatar
Donna Chen

Great cinematography. Anything Jagat Rawat does is worth watching.

Joshua L. avatar
Joshua L.

I can't even begin to describe how cool this movie is! Meenal Kapoor, especially, was excellent! Breathtaking!!!! Aakansha Kadre was AWESOME...that man can play ANY role!!

Olivia Keller avatar
Olivia Keller

I can safely say it is epic, on a visual and plot line scale! Meenal Kapoor freeman is always outstanding in his roles even in this film he proves it again in delivering excellent performance!

Stephanie P. avatar
Stephanie P.

A truly gripping film from beginning to end. Jagat Rawat plays one of his most engaging and emotional roles to date, and the rest of the cast perform beautifully. Highly recommended!