Bisorgo is a movie starring Debranjan Nag, Manali Chakravarty, and Prasun Gayen. Bisorgo, is a story with five characters: Iswar, Darshan, Satya, Biswa and Shanti. Biswa, a frustrated artist, wants to commit suicide and is roaming...

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Running Time
1 hours 32 minutes
Nitish Biswas, Prasun Gayen, Manali Chakravarty, Debranjan Nag
Arunava Khasnobis
Arunava Khasnobis
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Cynthia avatar

Bisorgo, is a story with five characters: Iswar (The Almighty), Darshan (Philosophy), Satya (Truth), Biswa (Earth), and Shanti(Peace). Biswa, a frustrated artist, wants to commit suicide and is roaming around the streets of Kolkata in the night, trying to find a suitable way to fulfill his agenda. Darshan, a typical candy seller, has another agenda-he wants to stop the artists from committing suicide. He continues in his pursuit and tries to convince Biswa of not committing suicide. Satya is a country cousin and is also roaming around Kolkata with an address that he wants to find. No one could tell him exactly where the address is. Iswar, now in deputation in Kolkata, is also roaming around the city. He is depressed of his creation and specifically wants the so-called "Artists" to die. In fact, he instigates the artists to commit suicide. Shanti is her depute, whom the Iswar has appointed to provide "peace" to the people. The movie moves around interaction between these characters. The metaphorical and satirical treatment of the story slowly develops into a conflict between Darshan and Iswar, both of whom fights over the suicide mission of Biswa.

Daniel avatar

I really enjoyed this movie. Prasun Gayen was good, Nitish Biswas was great.

Lori avatar

Shoulda won the Oscar. I can’t get enough of Manali Chakravarty.

Crystal Fisher avatar
Crystal Fisher

This is an amazing piece of work. It has incredible artistry. Excellent and Intellectual Drama!

Christopher avatar

Loved it! Busting to go to the loo (far too much Diet Coke)! but didn't want to miss a minute of this cracker of sparky and sparkly joyous romp.

Jerry avatar

A good story line, a brilliant roles played by a collection of lovely actors & actresses, a good filming!

Jane avatar

A really well done movie. Manali Chakravarty is great.

Diane avatar

I love Prasun Gayen! Such is the talent of the lead cast, that it represents just how good the movie was overall. This movie is fantastic. I truly enjoyed watching it!

Marie Sullivan avatar
Marie Sullivan

this movie made me feel like hmmm.

James avatar

It's worth watching.