The Balcony: Memories of Occupation

The Balcony: Memories of Occupation

The Balcony - Memories of Occupation Ligiades, Sunday, 3 October 1943: Half of the village residents are behind Mitsikeli mountain in the village of Karyes in Zagori for the harvest of walnuts. On the mountain's slope, 5 to 6 persons, relatives from the groom's side of a nomad wedding, are going to pick up the bride according to the local custom. Late in the afternoon, German alpine commanders of the Edelweiss Division are invading the village. They are killing indiscriminately babies, children, women, elders while the houses are in flames. Some are burned alive. Hours later, the rest of the inhabitants return and find their families charred. The following day, a 14 month old baby is found by his fellow villagers breastfeeding its dead mother while it's been stabbed by a bayonet. 1989: A German historian visits the village and records the survivors' testimonies in audio tapes. Later that year, he refers to the German military archives for further research. 2010: Having completed his research Christoph U. Schminck Gustavus, Professor of Law History at the University of Bremen, issues the trilogy "Memories of Occupation". The third book focuses on the Ligiades holocaust. 2014: During an official visit in Ligiades on behalf of the Federal Republic of Germany, President Joachim Gauck pleads for forgiveness for the first time after the end of WWII. The film's director, Chrysanthos Konstantinidis, grows up listening to the stories of Ligiades, his place of origin. In 2013, wishing to share these stories and having already met Christoph U Schminck Gustavus, he begins to captivate testimonies from survivors and their descendants in his camera. The professor's book becomes an historical advisor and a companion to this project. Konstantinidis returns from Ligiades and Germany with a great volume of material.

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Chrysanthos Konstantinidis
Chrysanthos Konstantinidis
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Stephen avatar

Great movie see it a while back and just loved it and had to have it on your player to own it

Matthew G. avatar
Matthew G.

There are very few films I can watch more than once. This is one I can.

Henry avatar

I love this movie. The mountain scenery by Chrysanthos Konstantinidis is absolutely beautiful!

Janice R. avatar
Janice R.

It’s amazing! If you haven't seen it or if you have seen it but don't own it, get it!

Debra B. avatar
Debra B.

this movie was SO good!!!!!!!

Sarah C. avatar
Sarah C.

Yup, it's a great movie. Best movie I've seen for a very long time because most movies today are copies, boring and pathetic.

Jordan Stanley avatar
Jordan Stanley

This film is an the result of a genius mind. Chrysanthos Konstantinidis is one of the greatest film makers in the world today.

John avatar

I lost count of the times I gasped or whispered 'wow' to myself.

Eric Munoz avatar
Eric Munoz

Best film I've seen in a long time. Takes you in straight away.

Bobby Walters avatar
Bobby Walters

Not sure what everyone is talking about, I enjoyed the movie a lot.

Gloria Perez avatar
Gloria Perez

My hat off to lead cast and Chrysanthos Konstantinidis. Great job!!! And I am going to see it again.