Sur le bout de la langue

Sur le bout de la langue

"AwA'ahdah", "iishuh", "ilah qe'xleh". These forgotten words come from the other side of the world, and have lost almost all of their meaning, even to their own people. In Alaska, the Eyak language "died" in 2008 when the last speaker, Marie Smith Jones, passed away. But is there life after death? The Eyak people believe so. Marie had a dream before she died. She said someone will come from far away to help them. Two years later, Guillaume Leduey, a 21-year-old Frenchman, set foot in Alaska, on the lands of the people whose language he had learned by himself, alone, in France. For decades, native people were oppressed by white men domination, assimilation policies and violence. This lead to fear, shame and soon, native languages were forgotten. Today, the Eyak people want to take back what is theirs, including their languages, and proudly claim who they are, to rekindle a culture that was deeply buried in their memories, so they can start to reconnect with their roots. Standing on their side is Guillaume and his improbable yet priceless knowledge.

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Running Time
52 minutes
Vincent Bonnay
Vincent Bonnay
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Comments about documentary «Sur le bout de la langue» (14)

Christine P. avatar
Christine P.

Five stars. It is what it is. Not gonna win any oscars, but much more fun than most oscar winners. Suspend your disbelief, sit back, and enjoy. And try not to take life too seriously.

Terry avatar

Highly enjoyed this movie! Would recommend to everyone.

Gregory M. avatar
Gregory M.

I enjoyed the movie! Good acting!

Tammy avatar

Great movie. Top of the line.

Terry Perry avatar
Terry Perry

I've lost count of the number of times I have seen this movie, but it is more than 20.

Julia Castro avatar
Julia Castro

Hits a High Standard of Excellence... GREAT Film.

Jane avatar

WATCH IT.. if you don't.. STILL WATCH IT. GREAT FILM! enjoy, i only wish i could have that first watch again!!!!

Elizabeth G. avatar
Elizabeth G.

Enjoyable story and well acted

Emily M. avatar
Emily M.


Anna Dixon avatar
Anna Dixon

I may have a new favorite movie.

Roy avatar

It's a great movie and it's worth seeing. Vincent Bonnay done well in making this movie