Inside the sugary Harajuku salon dedicated to all things 'cute'

Inside the sugary Harajuku salon dedicated to all things 'cute'

Tucked away on the 3rd floor on Takeshita Street, one of Tokyo's most famous pedestrian streets, Candye Syrup is a quirky hair salon specialising in rainbow hair colours. The Harajuku neighbourhood of Tokyo is known for its colourful street art, vintage shops and cosplay outlets and, most importantly - for being the centre of all things 'kawaii'. A popular Japanese concept, meaning 'cute' or 'adorable', 'kawaii' is a prominent part of Japanese culture, and is defined by a childlike appearance and mannerisms.

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Running Time
4 minutes
Short, Documentary
Antonio Celotto
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Comments about short «Inside the sugary Harajuku salon dedicated to all things 'cute'» (20)

Timothy avatar

I enjoyed it and it's a movie I'd watch again in the future.

Nancy W. avatar
Nancy W.

Excellent, loved it!!!

Doris avatar

Good movie. I was entertained :)

Brenda Morales avatar
Brenda Morales

Was not expecting it to be SO GOOD! This has seriously become my favorite movie to date.

Steven Morris avatar
Steven Morris

I forgot I was watching a movie..

Marilyn P. avatar
Marilyn P.

Very well acted and directed. I liked all the actors

Aaron M. avatar
Aaron M.

I was entertained. This movie is simply a well structured, interesting and remarkably smart movie.

Diana avatar

Excellent! just what I needed after a long day. I would love to see more movies like this one!

Roger Bradley avatar
Roger Bradley

I loved watching this movie. Very good movie and it was kind of sad at the end. A MUST watch movie.

Joseph J. avatar
Joseph J.

It’s amazing! If you haven't seen it or if you have seen it but don't own it, get it!