Extra-Terrestrial Ecologies (Retroflectors: the astronaut, the robot, the alien)

Ecology in outer space, far from our home planet, is literally unheimlich-uncanny, or better: unsettling. After years of research about Biosphere 2, I met E.T. and we talked Haraway in a Redwood forest (Ralo Mayer).

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Running Time
43 minutes
Documentary, Short
Ralo Mayer
Ralo Mayer
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Comments about documentary «Extra-Terrestrial Ecologies (Retroflectors: the astronaut, the robot, the alien)» (21)

Phillip M. avatar
Phillip M.

Keep pumpin' these movies out! After walking out after the movie i was very tempted to go buy another ticket and go back and watch it again!

Terry O. avatar
Terry O.

Special gratitude to Ralo Mayer for crafting the Masterpiece out of a great character. I fell in love with the flick!

Emily H. avatar
Emily H.

I can say that this Ralo Mayer masterpiece is one of my favorite films of all time! Everything in this film is absolutely beautiful.

Daniel Herrera avatar
Daniel Herrera

Great movie definitely a great buy.

Margaret S. avatar
Margaret S.

Old-school Documentary goodness! Real good. It's got plot, visuals, soundtrack, performances.

Kathleen Rogers avatar
Kathleen Rogers

OMG! Do yourself a big favor, crawl if you must to your local movie rental location, and watch this film!

Johnny Santos avatar
Johnny Santos

I LOVE THIS MOVIE!! freaking hilarious, and the cast is amazing!!

Jordan Morales avatar
Jordan Morales

Pretty good Documentary movie. It was good most of the time