Evolved is a TV movie starring Ken Beck, Drae Campbell, and Chanel Carroll. The pilot episode explores the show's central question - what does it mean to be 'evolved'?- along professional and romantic lines, as both brothers push...

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Drae Campbell, Chanel Carroll, Mimi Fischer, Ken Beck
Danielle DiPaolo, Viridiana Lieberman
Danielle DiPaolo
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Comments about comedy «Evolved» (18)

Donna avatar

The pilot episode explores the show's central question - what does it mean to be 'evolved'?- along professional and romantic lines, as both brothers push the limits of their own progressivism. Nate wants a promotion at work but an equally-qualified black single mother, Phoebe, is also up for the position. When he realizes his office is riddled with subtle unconscious bias as well as flagrant misogyny, Nate must choose between getting ahead and sticking to his principles. Meanwhile, younger brother Ben wants to be the kind of man his girlfriend Rachel wants to be with. But when she asks for a rumspringa (a temporary sexual walkabout), Ben sets out on a heroic journey to have a meaningless one-night stand.

Patrick C. avatar
Patrick C.

Excellent cinematography! Excellent story! The acting by everyone is excellent! Drae Campbell is great! Playing the role with curiosity and bravery. Mimi Fischer, looking very cool, plays just fine, giving the character a sweet and tender touch. The two have great chemistry.

Juan avatar

I have enjoyed it so much that this is my third time watching it. Next year I will probable watch it again.

Raymond Chavez avatar
Raymond Chavez

I appreciate Drae Campbell in this role, and besides Mimi Fischer, his character is my favorite. A great film that comes with my highest possible recommendations 10/10

Cheryl avatar

Five stars. It is what it is. Not gonna win any oscars, but much more fun than most oscar winners. Suspend your disbelief, sit back, and enjoy. And try not to take life too seriously.

Patrick avatar

Excellent movie. Glad I watched it. A few errors in the screenplay but easily overlooked.

Joe avatar

Great Comedy movie. Added to my favorites list for sure. Great movie to watch over again.

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Lisa S.

Chanel Carroll is one of my favorite actors. I've enjoyed every single scene that he's ever been in.

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Frank Vasquez

Great movie, kept me on the edge of my chair.

Diana avatar

A truly gripping film from beginning to end. Mimi Fischer plays one of his most engaging and emotional roles to date, and the rest of the cast perform beautifully. Highly recommended!

Martha Fox avatar
Martha Fox

When I first saw this movie, I had this rare feeling like entering another world with my whole body and mind from beginning till the end.