He Sends Rain

He Sends Rain

He Sends Rain is a movie starring Zach Bortot, Zachary Bortot, and Kelly Helgeson. "He Sends Rain" is a narrative feature film about a young man whose perspective is challenged when he is forced to confront old wounds. At the onset...

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Running Time
1 hours 51 minutes
Zachary Bortot, Antoine McKay, Kelly Helgeson, Zach Bortot
Jeff Dull
Jeff Dull
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Comments about drama «He Sends Rain» (25)

Andrew avatar

"He Sends Rain" is a narrative feature film about a young man whose perspective is challenged when he is forced to confront old wounds. At the onset of this story, David Conrad is a man who trusts his intellect, and his anger about a family tragedy has transformed into deeply rooted bitterness. During a visit to David's family home, Julia, his wife, notices negative changes in David's personality and attempts to uncover the mystery of David's past. In this film, David is forced to confront where he's wrong about himself, about his relationships, and about faith. As Socrates put it, "The unexamined life is not worth living." "He Sends Rain" explores this idea, and it does so in an entertaining and thoughtful way.

Brenda J. avatar
Brenda J.

Antoine McKay as always, outstanding! Without doubt one of his best performances!

Daniel avatar

The actors do a great job realizing a surprisingly good script. Performance of Kelly Helgeson leaves me breathless every time. Special recognition has to be given to Zachary Bortot for his phenomenal performance!

Joyce avatar

One of the best movie of my life! With both Kelly Helgeson and Zachary Bortot I was fairly certain I would like the movie, but I actually loved it!

Victoria Ortiz avatar
Victoria Ortiz

Everything about this movie is great and frankly, I don't find any flaws in it. People might think I'm being too generous and that I'm blinded by my love for Jeff Dull. No, I just know a damn good movie when I see one.

Alan Kim avatar
Alan Kim

this was such a movie. even though it is a movie that few can relate to, those few who can do it so strongly.

Stephanie George avatar
Stephanie George

The actors do a good job. Nice story.

Virginia avatar

Not a Predictable script

Carl Nelson avatar
Carl Nelson

First off I just want to stress that this is absolutely the kind of film you want to see on the big screen; don't wait for it to come out on DVD! Needless to say, the cast was phenomenal: Kelly Helgeson, Zachary Bortot! They are born for these roles

Juan avatar

WOW, just wow. This is probably the best film I've watched in the last decade. I love this film, I love it more than other movies!

Bruce Richardson avatar
Bruce Richardson

It was a terrific atmosphere in a jam-packed cinema. I was SO glad that I saw this film that you'll definitely need to see on a BIG screen