10/31 is a movie starring Hanleigh Baker, Chad Bruns, and Barry Clifton. This is an anthology film consisting of 5 horror tales from 5 different writers.

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Chad Bruns, Hanleigh Baker, Barry Clifton, Greg Fallon
Justin M. Seaman, Brett DeJager, Zane Hershberger, John William Holt, Rocky Gray, Hunter Johnson
Rocky Gray, Zane Hershberger, Brett DeJager, Justin M. Seaman, Jason Turner
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Comments about horror «10/31» (89)

Linda N. avatar
Linda N.

This is an anthology film consisting of 5 horror tales from 5 different writers.

Angela F. avatar
Angela F.

It was a decent movie that had Horror. I enjoyed it.

Olivia Hernandez avatar
Olivia Hernandez

One of the best movies in the last 20 years!

Emma R. avatar
Emma R.

Awesome movie! Awesome actors! Awesome plot! Awesome all the way around! Great film!

Samuel Bell avatar
Samuel Bell

How could they manage to do this? WOW! Most enjoyable movie for me. Every moment with Hanleigh Baker on screen is awesome.

Jean M. avatar
Jean M.

Don't wait until it comes out on DVD, go and watch it at your local cinema, you won't be disappointed!

Alexander Curtis avatar
Alexander Curtis

One of my new favorite films.

Gloria avatar

Enjoy an amazing movie for exactly what it is.........AMAZING!

Matthew L. avatar
Matthew L.

I have watched this movie 3 times, and each time have liked it more than I did the first time, and even then I still enjoyed it a lot!

Joan avatar

Here it is, the masterpiece we've been waiting for!

Carolyn Duncan avatar
Carolyn Duncan

I was on the edge of my seat the entire time!!! Loved this film!

Ronald R. avatar
Ronald R.

Great movie with amazing actors! I have been expecting this film for a long time now. And tonight when I finally got to see it I was not let down.