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Victoria Zinny, Remo Girone, Mara Gualandris, Margherita Remotti
Liana Marabini
Liana Marabini
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Comments about drama «Mothers» (21)

Michael Dunn avatar
Michael Dunn

I would highly recommend that anyone who is deciding whether or not to go and see it does; you will most likely love it.

Kimberly Guerrero avatar
Kimberly Guerrero

Not what I expected so it surprised me. but not a movie I would watch over and over again.

Alice M. avatar
Alice M.

Love! So realistically done.

Larry Jimenez avatar
Larry Jimenez

I was entertained. This movie is simply a well structured, interesting and remarkably smart movie.

Shirley Hamilton avatar
Shirley Hamilton

The action was constant edge of the set stuff, the locations stunning, the CGI, the acting excellent. I left the cinema saying I wanted to go back in to see it again

Jeremy Tucker avatar
Jeremy Tucker

I'm pretty sure Margherita Remotti and Remo Girone's breath-taking performance on their talking scene made SOME people cry! They are beautiful, they are convincing, they are talented, they perform stunningly and they CAN act. It was true pleasure to watch this film

Craig Garrett avatar
Craig Garrett

really good enjoyed very much

Judith S. avatar
Judith S.

Each and everything in this movie is perfect. As you know Margherita Remotti is classy actor. He has done very good job in this movie.

Howard avatar

When I realized who directed this one, I thought, "Oh, no - not Liana Marabini!" but I was WRONG! "Mr Liana Marabini, surprise me!" I'm not only surprised - I am also very much impressed!

Kathryn Lewis avatar
Kathryn Lewis

Victoria Zinny is one the best actors around. He is always so good. Never seen him underperformed. He gives a great shot here too! Awesome movie ever!