SOS: The Salton Sea Walk

SOS: The Salton Sea Walk

SOS: The Salton Sea Walk is a movie starring Blake Alexander, Randy Brown, and Arturo Guerrero Cortes. As California's largest lake approaches a point of no return, one man will attempt to become the first person to walk around its...

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1 hours 4 minutes
Blake Alexander, Arturo Guerrero Cortes, Carl Hodges, Randy Brown
Corbin Sanders
Blake Alexander, Corbin Sanders, Blake Alexander
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William A. avatar
William A.

The Salton Sea, California's largest lake, is rapidly drying up. After 2017, the largest rural to urban water transfer will exponentially accelerate the rate at which the sea shrinks, exposing acres of dried lake bed. The exposed playa, containing 100 years worth of farm chemicals, could become airborne, sending billowing clouds of toxic dust towards major population centers in the Southwest. Located 230 feet below sea-level, in a desolate pocket of Southern California's Colorado Desert, the plight of the sea is largely ignored. There are a few outspoken people who claim to know how to save it. Randy Brown, community activist, set out to do something no one had ever attempted - to walk the entire shoreline of the sea. In June of 2015, with temperatures reaching 120 degrees, he set out on his 6 day, 115 mile journey. His mission - to raise awareness for the sea, a forgotten place of extraordinary beauty, silently threatening to make itself known once again. Will the people be inspired to save it before it's too late?

Brittany avatar

Oh my God!!! I can say without overstatement that I just saw the most gripping and entertaining film to come out in at least the past ten years!

Donna Carlson avatar
Donna Carlson

the best movie I've seen this year. I love it.

James C. avatar
James C.

Epic Documentary movie, that offers solid entertainment. Its a gripping film!

Marilyn Delgado avatar
Marilyn Delgado

This is a film that should be seen because it’s a great movie.

Timothy Chavez avatar
Timothy Chavez

Great movie, great soundtrack! Carl Hodges, and Randy Brown are very talented actors, perfect for these parts.

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Howard H.

This was a good movie. I like most Randy Brown movies and this was interesting from beginning to end.

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Ralph W.

I'm very pleased with my purchase.

Alan W. avatar
Alan W.

I have to say it is the best movie ever. The directors made no mistakes. It is just perfect!

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Teresa Reyes

What a great movie. The characters journey was perfect in every way. The mood and feel changes were riveting.

Phillip R. avatar
Phillip R.

First, let me start by saying that I am a huge Corbin Sanders fan. This movie was worth every penny I spent on it

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Lauren S.

First at all this movie is one of the best movies I've ever watched. The visuals, the actors, the story, the sounds, the music, everything is so pretty! Carl Hodges plays her role beautifully and charming. Randy Brown never played better. You won't see such a movie ever again