The Counterfeiter

The Counterfeiter

With the help of some Major League Baseball superstars, the FBI attempts to infiltrate a counterfeit ring that sprung up during the 1998 home run chase between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa. Using hidden cameras, under-cover agents and wire taps, the FBI believes they may have finally uncovered the world's greatest artist of forged signatures, which were used on memorabilia that were sold illegally nationwide, netting more than $100,000,000, the largest figure in U.S. history.

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Brian Biegel
Other Titles
30 for 30 the Counterfeiter
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Comments about documentary «The Counterfeiter» (30)

Lawrence avatar

It was a little cheesy at times, but I loved this movie. The concepts and characters were unique.

Marie G. avatar
Marie G.

Another enjoyable Documentary movie that didn't get it's just credit in theaters. I like it very much.

Gloria W. avatar
Gloria W.

The acting, directing, camera work, music and the script, everything about this movie is spot on.

Nicholas avatar

Enjoyable throughout! Would watch again!

Karen Turner avatar
Karen Turner

Loved this movie! Very entertaining modern Documentary.

Alexander Green avatar
Alexander Green

30 for 30 the Counterfeiter - one of the most bold, challenging and imaginative films of the 21st century!

Theresa Davis avatar
Theresa Davis

I just returned after seeing 30 for 30 the Counterfeiter again (2nd time) and I can say that my second experience was even more powerful than the first. How can it be so epic?

Bruce Burton avatar
Bruce Burton

Watched with mouth open. Brian Biegel you are genius! Very Powerful Movie...

Rachel B. avatar
Rachel B.

This movie was a flawlessly directed masterpiece. Just watch it.

Roy W. avatar
Roy W.

I'm not a big movie goer, but I had huge expectations for this one, and I was absolutely blown away by the beauty and magic and absolute fantastic storytelling in this movie.

Christopher avatar

This is the cutest movie!! Literally the cutest.