Happy Family

Happy Family

Happy Family is a movie starring Emily Watson, Jason Isaacs, and Nick Frost. Despite the title, the Wishbone family are far from happy. In an attempt to reconnect as a family, Mum and Emma plan a fun night out. However, her plan...

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Running Time
1 hours 33 minutes
Animation, Comedy, Family, Horror
Jessica Brown Findlay, Emily Watson, Jason Isaacs, Nick Frost
Holger Tappe
Matthias Parchettka, David Safier, David Safier, Jens Benecke, Catharina Junk, Benedikt Niemann, Kirstie Falkous
UK, Germany
Other Titles
Monsterfamilien, Potworna rodzinka, Ma famille monstre, Monsterfamiljen, Moja čudovišna obitelj, Monster Family, Čudovišta iz moje porodice, La familia Monster, Gia Dình Là Tât Ca, La famiilia Monster, Mishpakha be'hakhlafa, Monstru seimynele, Μια χαρούμενη οικογένεια, Una familia feliz, Monsteriperhe, Mutlu Canavar Ailesi, Szörnyen boldog család, Uma Família Feliz, Familia Monstrulescu, Um Susto de Família
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Comments about animation «Happy Family» (3111)

Arthur Reed avatar
Arthur Reed

Despite the title, the Wishbone family are far from happy. In an attempt to reconnect as a family, Mum and Emma plan a fun night out. However, her plan backfires when an evil witch curses them, and they're all turned into Monsters.

Howard C. avatar
Howard C.

There are very few quality Comedy film, except that movie. Highly recommend!

Shirley avatar

Fantastic! Each character had their own unique voice and their own unique reaction to the situation at hand. Emily Watson and Jason Isaacs were the only actors who I knew fairly well beforehand. However, after watching the film twice, I became a fan of everyone.

Jacob D. avatar
Jacob D.

just go and watch it and be prepared to be blown away. Literally.

Amanda A. avatar
Amanda A.

this was such a movie. even though it is a movie that few can relate to, those few who can do it so strongly.

Carol avatar

WOW. This film was a breath of fresh air! Emily Watson and Jason Isaacs did awesome job! Emily Watson was excellent at playing and does it flawlessly. The body language, facial expressions, etc., he does it perfectly! Jason Isaacs was very good at playing his role; bringing charisma, a little humor, and a good amount of authority and responsibility.

Hannah L. avatar
Hannah L.

I love this movie. The mountain scenery by Benedikt Niemann is absolutely beautiful!

Ryan Y. avatar
Ryan Y.

Not expecting it to be this thoughtful, seriously story buildup, terrific i really enjoyed it thoroughly, way better than any others movies!!!

Elizabeth George avatar
Elizabeth George

I gave to all credit story writer and director. Actors they well performed, Must watch film 2 times in lifetime.

Alexander Barrett avatar
Alexander Barrett

Very clever and most excellent acting.

Thomas R. avatar
Thomas R.

The actors do a great job realizing a surprisingly good script. Performance of Emily Watson leaves me breathless every time. Special recognition has to be given to Jason Isaacs for his phenomenal performance!

Jordan Reyes avatar
Jordan Reyes

Absolutely outstanding true movie! Will watch it again and again!