Prendre le large

Prendre le large

Prendre le large is a movie starring Sandrine Bonnaire, Mouna Fettou, and Kamal El Amri. A middle-aged factory worker's life is upended when she follows her employer to Morocco.

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Running Time
1 hours 43 minutes
Sandrine Bonnaire, Mouna Fettou, Kamal El Amri, Ilian Bergala
Gaël Morel
Gaël Morel, Yasmine Louati, Rachid O.
Other Titles
Catch the Wind
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Comments about drama «Prendre le large» (172)

Donna Harris avatar
Donna Harris

A middle-aged factory worker's life is upended when she follows her employer to Morocco.

Jacqueline Washington avatar
Jacqueline Washington

I have watched this movie 3 times, and each time have liked it more than I did the first time, and even then I still enjoyed it a lot!

Catherine avatar

And the conclusion! The underlying themes were brought together in the most masterful way I've seen in a while!!!

Debra R. avatar
Debra R.

Was not expecting it to be SO GOOD! This has seriously become my favorite movie to date.

Zachary avatar

Kamal El Amri was amazing, of course. Beautiful scenery. I never took my eyes off the screen. Loved it!

Margaret Bowman avatar
Margaret Bowman

It was Amazingly, Spectacularly Great. 10/10 would see, would see again, would buy, and would die for.

Aaron D. avatar
Aaron D.

This movie allows all the established actors and actresses to do what they do best without smothering one another. Great movie!

Aaron Nichols avatar
Aaron Nichols

Excellent gritty film that concentrates on a few strong performances! Sandrine Bonnaire and Kamal El Amri stole the show. Cinematography was amazing and the rest of the cast each played their part very well.

Lauren White avatar
Lauren White

Loved this movie. I was not sure at first, but it turned out to be awesome!!!

Kyle avatar

I enjoyed the movie! Good acting!

Lisa Pearson avatar
Lisa Pearson

Absolute masterclass in sound editing, not to mention the campy script, brilliant acting, soundtrack, and set design!