Wedding March 2: Resorting to Love

Wedding March 2: Resorting to Love

Wedding March 2: Resorting to Love is a TV movie starring Jack Wagner, Tara Wilson, and Josie Bissett. College sweethearts Olivia and Mick unexpectedly reunite after 25 years and become partners in running a wedding resort. As they...

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Running Time
1 hours 24 minutes
Comedy, Romance
Tara Wilson, Aren Buchholz, Josie Bissett, Jack Wagner
David Weaver
Tippi Dobrofsky, Neal H. Dobrofsky
Canada, USA
Other Titles
La marcia nuziale 2 - Il resort dell'amore, Dia De Casamento 2, Marcha Nupcial 2: O Amor é a Solução, Dügün Marsi 2: Ask Tesisi, En route vers le mariage: rendez-vous avec l'amour
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Terry P. avatar
Terry P.

Reconnecting after thirty years following their tumultuous break-up when they were in college and finding that there are still strong feelings for each other, Mick Turner and Olivia Pershing have decided to live together at Mick's Vermont inn, the Willow Lake Inn. In the process, Olivia has handed over her Long Island staging business to daughter Grace and is selling her house. Beyond the issue of a new resort down the road sucking up their wedding business - the inn's bread and butter - and Mick needing to look for a "silent" investor to stay afloat which he has yet to tell Olivia, Mick gets hit with two subsequent surprises akin to punches in the gut as he prepares to open for the season. First, daughter Julie, back from college for the summer, has brought home her new boyfriend, Wyatt, a hospitality major, Mick who doesn't see any young man good enough for his daughter. And second, Olivia has decided unilaterally that what casual Mick assumed would be their quiet, blissful romance will change in Olivia, needing something to do, becoming his business partner instead, she using her staging skills to remake the inn, effectively she being his new less than silent investor. She sees the partnership as a trial for their personal relationship. On some initiative on Olivia's part, they are able to snag one wedding party from the neighboring resort on a technicality, Corinne and Chris' wedding which will take place in two weeks. Corinne and Chris' wedding may demonstrate to Mick and Olivia in two different ways if they do have a future together. First, they will have to survive the wedding planning, Olivia who is more A-type, and Mick who is more B-type in approach. And second, Corinne and Chris' own relationship may be parallel to Olivia and Mick's, and thus whether Corinne and Chris make it to the altar may be a harbinger for Mick and Olivia. Corinne wants to have the perfect wedding, she getting sucked into whatever last minute ideas to make the day more memorable at whatever the cost, while Chris is more focused what it means to have a happy marriage in its entirety, he who would be content and more at ease to stand in front of a justice of the peace at city hall than have a lavish wedding.

Brittany Gonzalez avatar
Brittany Gonzalez

Excellent! just what I needed after a long day. I would love to see more movies like this one!

Julia avatar

Stunning film that I could discuss endlessly. The cast was uniformly excellent! Josie Bissett really impressed me. Special mention to my favorite Jack Wagner. This performances never disappoint, charm is unmatched and a beauty more intense than the sun itself.

Karen Mills avatar
Karen Mills

Not sure what everyone is talking about, I enjoyed the movie a lot.

Brittany avatar

The theme was interesting

Juan G. avatar
Juan G.

When I realized who directed this one, I thought, "Oh, no - not David Weaver!" but I was WRONG! "Mr David Weaver, surprise me!" I'm not only surprised - I am also very much impressed!

Ruth L. avatar
Ruth L.

This movie was so Awesome. I enjoyed myself throughout the whole movie. A perfect Josie Bissett and a beautiful Jack Wagner.

Betty Boyd avatar
Betty Boyd

Great movie. Great actors.