Xichéng tónghuà

Xichéng tónghuà

Xichéng tónghuà is a movie starring Andrew Chen, Franco Chiang, and Tzu-Yen Chin. In Taipei, there is a place called: XIMEN. There, tons of people come to visit, but most of them forget to see and feel the craziness, the loneliness,...

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Andrew Chen, Franco Chiang, Tzu-Yen Chin, Shu-yao Kuo
Tien-Lun Yeh
Tan-Ching Yeh, Maggie Liang
Other Titles
The Mad King of Taipei, The Mad King of Taipei Town, Çilgin kral
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日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

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Brian B. avatar
Brian B.

In Taipei, there is a place called: XIMEN. There, tons of people come to visit, but most of them forget to see and feel the craziness, the loneliness, the love, and the color within that area. Tigger, a smart-but-lonely girl, whose mother is away, comes to XIMEN to start her own business. She quickly comes to the realization that there are 3 unique things in Ximending: movie, money, and madness. One day, she meets the maddest of them all: a homeless man called: XimenKing, aka, the mad king of Taipei town. He is so mad because: A.he likes to give out money that no one knows where they come from B.he never stays inside of a building, and he even sleeps in a tent at night C.rumor has it that he used to have a family, but the 921 earthquake back in 1999 turned his world upside down - Day in and day out, Tigger and XimenKing get to know each other, and Tigger starts to find out those crazy stories about him. Will those stories teach Tigger and her mother a lesson about life and family? Will they ever be reunited XIMEN again?

Austin L. avatar
Austin L.

One of the most brilliant movies I have ever seen.

Christine S. avatar
Christine S.

Out of those that I have watched, this would have to be my least favorite Maggie Liang film. Considered one of the best films of all time.

Rachel Thomas avatar
Rachel Thomas

Great movie, kept me on the edge of my chair.

Lisa avatar

It was a little cheesy at times, but I loved this movie. The concepts and characters were unique.

Harold H. avatar
Harold H.

This movie is absolutely one of the best movies I have ever seen in my life.

Danielle G. avatar
Danielle G.

Çilgin kral is the first and only film I've seen on the big screen this year, mainly since I've been waiting until the summer to indulge. And it was unexpected cinematic perfection!

Donna Ferguson avatar
Donna Ferguson

I dunno why folks panned this movie. It was actually very entertaining to watch. Tan-Ching Yeh delivers a good movie.

Steven Martin avatar
Steven Martin

This is one of the best movies I have seen. Shu-yao Kuo is outstanding.