Mencari Rahmat

Mencari Rahmat

Mencari Rahmat is a movie starring Namron, Amerul Affendi, and Nadia Aqilah. Two bachelor friends, Razak and Azman take on double lives to court the attentions of the desirable Roselina and Ratna . But the gallants must then face...

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Running Time
1 hours 41 minutes
Amerul Affendi, Namron, Nadia Aqilah, Sharifah Amani
Al Jafree Md Yusop
Al Jafree Md Yusop
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

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Sandra Lewis avatar
Sandra Lewis

Razak is a successful businessman living in Penang. After his foster parents die, he inherits everything from them, including taking care of their 19-year-old granddaughter Ratna, who is an orphan. However, Razak is a party-goer and a pleasure seeker, but he wishes to set a good example to Ratna. Meanwhile, Azman is another orphan who was raised by his aunt, Datin Azizah in KL. Datin Azizah has a daughter named Rose who is Razak's girlfriend. Azman is not happy living with his aunt although he is surrounded by wealth and fame. These two men take on double lives to live their dreams but it doesn't last long as they have to face the consequences of their action.

Kathryn avatar

Watched this with my daughter, we both laughed our behinds off. Will eventually add this to my permanent collection.

Amy May avatar
Amy May

This is a film that should be seen because it’s a great movie.

Lauren Wong avatar
Lauren Wong

When I realized who directed this one, I thought, "Oh, no - not Al Jafree Md Yusop!" but I was WRONG! "Mr Al Jafree Md Yusop, surprise me!" I'm not only surprised - I am also very much impressed!

Terry Evans avatar
Terry Evans

Just a joy from start to finish. Smart, sweet, engaging.

Deborah avatar

What a brilliant film! Acting wise, Amerul Affendi puts in an excellent performance as the lead, and supporting actors such as Sharifah Amani, also put in solid performances.

Bobby Tucker avatar
Bobby Tucker

So, we got amazing, superb, major acting from all main characters, a very strong Comedy movie!

Kyle avatar

Watched this movie and loved every second of it. Namron pulling it off yet again!

Raymond avatar

An absolutely overall amazing film that must be watched by everyone!

Rose Kim avatar
Rose Kim

I watched it twice over the weekend.

Joe avatar

This is the first time I’m writing a review because i was so happy leaving the theater. The movie has it all. Great actors, a very, very, VERY great script and a awesome story.