2020 Nostradamus

2020 Nostradamus

2020 Nostradamus is a video starring Paul Hughes and Razor Keeves. Born in 1503, the mysterious medieval visionary, Michel de Nostredame aka "Nostradamus" predicted the rise of Hitler, the nuclear destruction of Hiroshima and the...

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Running Time
1 hours 7 minutes
Razor Keeves, Paul Hughes
Philip Gardiner
Philip Gardiner
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Madison R. avatar
Madison R.

Born in 1503, the mysterious medieval visionary, Michel de Nostredame aka "Nostradamus" predicted the rise of Hitler, the nuclear destruction of Hiroshima and the 9/11 attacks. Now his quatrains are predicting our immediate future and it would seem the end times are truly upon the world. According to the new interpretations, Nostradamus predicted that a mighty Islamic army of terror will rise up and set in motion World War III. China will conquer the entire East and much of the globe, and then a complete collapse of technology will spin the world into chaos like never before as the Antichrist rises in the West. Explore the prophecies and decide for yourself.

Phillip M. avatar
Phillip M.

Excellent cinematography! Excellent story! The acting by everyone is excellent! Razor Keeves is great! Playing the role with curiosity and bravery. Paul Hughes, looking very cool, plays just fine, giving the character a sweet and tender touch. The two have great chemistry.

Gregory Scott avatar
Gregory Scott

Was a great blend of talent and action !

Henry R. avatar
Henry R.

This movie caught me off guard. It is outstanding.

Bruce avatar

Super-duper awesome flick! Razor Keeves has to be one of the greatest actors Ive seen, Oh and Paul Hughes WOW! that is all i have to say. WOW!

Paul avatar

It was a terrific atmosphere in a jam-packed cinema. I was SO glad that I saw this film that you'll definitely need to see on a BIG screen

Kelly S. avatar
Kelly S.

Love Razor Keeves! This is a really good movie.

Brenda avatar

This is a great movie! Give it a chance and you will not regret it. It starts off kind of weird. Stick with it because it all comes together.

Stephanie O. avatar
Stephanie O.

If you've got Philip Gardiner original masterpiece you'll easily be having butterflies in your stomach and zillions of thoughts going through your head. Thanks for this movie Philip Gardiner.

Janice Kelley avatar
Janice Kelley

Razor Keeves as always, outstanding! Without doubt one of his best performances!

Howard A. avatar
Howard A.

Razor Keeves is one the best actors around. He is always so good. Never seen him underperformed. He gives a great shot here too! Awesome movie ever!

Steven avatar

Philip Gardiner once again showed us that he is one of the most visionary directors in Hollywood! The story is good as well.