Truth is a movie starring Heather Fields, Alan Collett, and Libby Clearfield. A terrorist cell takes three Americans hostage and threatens to expose a secret that will shatter America's soul.

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Running Time
1 hours 20 minutes
Drama, War, History, Thriller
Libby Clearfield, Heather Fields, Dianna Collett, Alan Collett
Paul Collett, Dianna Collett
Paul Collett
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Stephanie avatar

Lucy's boyfriend is not what he seems to be. On a drive home after a New Years Eve party, Lucy and her roommate Stephanie, suddenly find themselves being kidnapped by Hazeem who is secretly a member of a terrorist cell. Leaping from the moving car, they narrowly escape and find help from a stranger, Thomas. He tries to decoy and fight off Hazeem and the armed co-conspirators, but is overpowered and also taken hostage. It's all over the news that this Al-Quida cell has taken three hostages and threatens to execute them if the United States does not completely leave their Arabic homelands. But Thomas refuses to be a pawn in their game. He challenges, sabotages and resists the terrorists at every turn. This ultimately leads to torture and their attempt to break his will. The cold-hearted leader tolerates neither resistance nor rebellion on moral grounds and will fulfill the cause at any cost. Then truths begin to be revealed. The cell leader is not what he seems to be and the hostages discover the kidnapping was planned months ago and Stephanie was their target because she hides a powerful secret that could shake the foundation of an unconscious nation. Having arranged to bring in an ambitious reporter for a live interview via Internet; they intends to expose Stephanie's soul-wrenching secret and a nation's greatest fear before time runs out.

Brenda F. avatar
Brenda F.

Light entertainment with a great cast. If you like the actors, and enjoy something light hearted, think you will enjoy this film.

Michelle Riley avatar
Michelle Riley

When you are using real actors and not "reheated" stars alongside silly semi-amateurs, plus a script that does not self plagiarize, any movie can only be good and very good!

Patricia S. avatar
Patricia S.

I love everything about this movie. Dianna Collett and Alan Collett play well off each other.

Wayne Banks avatar
Wayne Banks

Super-duper awesome flick! Dianna Collett has to be one of the greatest actors Ive seen, Oh and Alan Collett WOW! that is all i have to say. WOW!

Sharon Guzman avatar
Sharon Guzman

This movie was absolutely great in my opinion; it might even be my favorite movie at this moment.

Christian B. avatar
Christian B.

Great movie, great soundtrack! Dianna Collett, and Alan Collett are very talented actors, perfect for these parts.

Ryan Andrews avatar
Ryan Andrews

Dianna Collett and Alan Collett were the perfect match for this film.

Steven Ferguson avatar
Steven Ferguson

Paul Collett newest film captures everything you can possibly love about going to the movies. It's filled with wonderful characters!

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I enjoyed the movie! Good acting!