Katy Perry: Will You Be My Witness?

Katy Perry: Will You Be My Witness?
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James Corden, Katy Perry, America Ferrera, Anna Kendrick
Rick Pendleton
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Comments about documentary «Katy Perry: Will You Be My Witness?» (42)

Hannah M. avatar
Hannah M.

Absolutely awesome. Rick Pendleton is a visual genius, I mean he is able to center the whole film and the whole action on the feelings.

Wayne avatar

I just came back from seeing this movie, twice! Yes, it is that good. The highlight in this film was definitely Katy Perry and America Ferrera. Katy Perry gave such a convincing and emotional performance in a character who is so sensitive. America Ferrera was really good at bringing to life such a character. I was really amazed at how good he was playing

Brittany Gonzales avatar
Brittany Gonzales

Good story and lots to look at

Ryan avatar

I watched it twice over the weekend.

Kathy Holland avatar
Kathy Holland

Rick Pendleton as a director has made a lot of awesome movies in the past... and I mean A LOT! And This one definitely is one of them!

Raymond Beck avatar
Raymond Beck

I think it was pretty original and polished with regards to the writing and I really enjoyed it! Spectacular! It was a good movie.

Bryan A. avatar
Bryan A.

The story is fascinating; the acting was excellent & the cinematography was incredible. recommended!

Jonathan avatar

Excellent movie. It made my day after being bedbound recovering from a cold.

Doris May avatar
Doris May

Absolutely astonishing. The scenes from this movie are incredible.