Clase valiente

Clase valiente

Clase valiente is a movie starring Íñigo Errejón, Txema Escorsa, and Iñaki Gabilondo. Reality changes according to the words we use to define it. The Brave Class is an experimental documentary investigating the importance of...

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Miquel Iceta, Iñaki Gabilondo, Íñigo Errejón, Txema Escorsa
Victor Alonso-Berbel
Borja Barrera Allué, Victor Alonso-Berbel, Jan Matheu
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Classe valenta, The Brave Class
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Laura G. avatar
Laura G.

Reality changes according to the words we use to define it. The Brave Class is an experimental documentary investigating the importance of political language in our way of understanding the world. It counts on the analysis of over 20 experts such us Owen Jones, George Lakoff, Íñigo Errejón, Christian Salmon o Iñaki Gabilondo and other important people in political communication. During the 2015 Barcelona elections we tried to introduce a concept into daily speech of politicians and communication experts, uncovering their manipulation mechanisms. The challenge involved many different people in actions of public intervention, urban art and other forms of social activism.

Jerry Nichols avatar
Jerry Nichols

You're in for a treat! I honestly can't express the amount of awesome in this movie.

Douglas Alvarez avatar
Douglas Alvarez

The film is excellent, the acting by both Txema Escorsa and Íñigo Errejón are just fabulous, and the plot is mind blowing.

Alexander R. avatar
Alexander R.

Great fast film. We loved it. Iñaki Gabilondo never disappoints.

Linda J. avatar
Linda J.

Great movie. I think I'm going to watch again right now.

Christian avatar

Old-school Documentary goodness! Real good. It's got plot, visuals, soundtrack, performances.

Rose Mendez avatar
Rose Mendez

I am usually extremely difficult about movies, I am usually a fan of repertoire cinema and modern movies. Yet I was amazed at the quality of the Classe valenta movie. Just go see it now and get a good seat!

Kathryn D. avatar
Kathryn D.

This one movie that I would buy to keep in my collection. It's a great movie

Johnny avatar

this movie was SO good!!!!!!!

Elizabeth B. avatar
Elizabeth B.

It’s really been a long time since iv seen a movie this damn good.

Donna Franklin avatar
Donna Franklin

It was a decent movie. Very entertaining!

Mildred Carter avatar
Mildred Carter

Director Victor Alonso-Berbel provokes killer performances! And this is awesome!!! go and see this film because you wont be disappointed.