Hotel Jugoslavija

Hotel Jugoslavija

Hotel Jugoslavija is a movie starring Nicolas Wagnières. A journey through the times and spaces of the Hotel Jugoslavija

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Running Time
1 hours 18 minutes
History, Documentary
Nicolas Wagnières
Nicolas Wagnières
Nicolas Wagnières
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Comments about history «Hotel Jugoslavija» (74)

Danielle Y. avatar
Danielle Y.

A journey through the times and spaces of the Hotel Jugoslavija

Craig avatar

The story was magnificent! Once again, Nicolas Wagnières have proved their prowess in making excellent films.

Lori avatar

Well done and very surprising! Highly recommend it!

Jonathan avatar

The character of Nicolas Wagnières is very interesting. I like him so much.

Edward Mitchell avatar
Edward Mitchell

Flawless, perfect or anything else that tells this is a freakin good movie!

Samantha S. avatar
Samantha S.

Loved this movie, the premise, the build up and action. The action was believable, and the story is one that is still playing out in this country.

Peter S. avatar
Peter S.

I can say that this Nicolas Wagnières masterpiece is one of my favorite films of all time! Everything in this film is absolutely beautiful.

Joe avatar

Everything about this movie is great and frankly, I don't find any flaws in it. People might think I'm being too generous and that I'm blinded by my love for Nicolas Wagnières. No, I just know a damn good movie when I see one.

Dylan B. avatar
Dylan B.

A very good movie! When it comes to end, you want to see more, and more, and more…

Eugene Hansen avatar
Eugene Hansen

This movie is really good! I loved it. I loved Nicolas Wagnières in this movie.