Holden On

Holden On

Holden On is a movie starring Matthew Fahey, Ross Thomas, and Steve C Ellis. Holden, a small-town football player, fights to keep his mental illness a secret at all costs. Based on a true story.

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Running Time
1 hours 42 minutes
Drama, Biography
Steve C Ellis, Kelly Finley, Ross Thomas, Matthew Fahey
Tamlin Hall
Tamlin Hall
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Teresa avatar

Holden Layfield helps audiences through his harrowing tale in this film set in the early 1990s. After succumbing to a secret battle with mental illness, 17-year old Holden devolves from a gregarious, small-town Georgian football player to a lost, self-medicating prophet. This important film portrays the complexity of mental illness and suicide in teens, offers insight to prevention, and opens the door to conversation about this difficult but critical community concern.

Harry L. avatar
Harry L.

Now That's what you call Biography

Stephen avatar

Visually stunning with excellent acting! Kelly Finley is wonderful portraying her character's reactions with great naturalism.

Vincent Vasquez avatar
Vincent Vasquez

Such a great biography movie!!

Andrew avatar

Easy to watch, interesting story line. Great cinematography.

Timothy W. avatar
Timothy W.

It was pretty good. Have watched already a few times.

Grace Alvarez avatar
Grace Alvarez

Mind blowing! Loved the plot, the humor, the execution, the originality - finally, a movie worthy of a ten star rating !

Henry B. avatar
Henry B.

I liked everything about the movie from the beginning till the end. Although there were some plot holes, but considering how awesome the movie was it could be compromised.

Gerald Perkins avatar
Gerald Perkins

Tamlin Hall did exceptional, balancing each character perfectly to their own spotlight. Nothing felt over done or unnecessary, every moment was completely motivated and executed beautifully.

Deborah avatar

Never in my life have I loved a movie so much I needed to see it again immediately after I watched it!

Jean avatar

Kelly Finley as always, outstanding! Without doubt one of his best performances!

Patricia Herrera avatar
Patricia Herrera

Love Tamlin Hall, this didn't disappoint!