Bingo: O Rei das Manhãs

Bingo: O Rei das Manhãs

Bingo: O Rei das Manhãs is a movie starring Vladimir Brichta, Leandra Leal, and Tainá Müller. Based on a true story, "Bingo" is a film about the man behind the mask. Augusto is an actor hungry for a place in the spotlight, following...

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Running Time
1 hours 53 minutes
Comedy, Drama, Biography
Leandra Leal, Augusto Madeira, Tainá Müller, Vladimir Brichta
Daniel Rezende
Fabio Meira, Luiz Bolognesi
Other Titles
Bingo: The King of the Mornings, Bingo
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

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Barbara avatar

Based on a true story, "Bingo" is a film about the man behind the mask. Augusto is an actor hungry for a place in the spotlight, following the footsteps of his mother, a stage artist in the 50's. While starring in soft porn and soap operas he finally gets the chance to conquer the crowds when he is cast as "BINGO", a television host clown. With his irreverent humor and natural talent, the show is a big hit, but a clause on his contract forbids him to reveal his true identity. Augusto becomes an anonymous celebrity. With makeup on, he brings happiness to children across the country but not to his own son Gabriel, that sees his father distancing himself in search of recognition. Filled with irony and humor and an exaggerated pop look from the backstage universe of the Brazilian 80's television, the film tells the incredible and surreal story of a man that whilst looking for his artistic value, finds his personal decay.

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Joshua W.

Great movie...telling everyone...

Thomas avatar

I don't have enough words to say about this movie. It is perfect i love movies and this movie has everything to be a great. The story is very nice, the acting is cool and everything else is awesome. I waited so long for a movie like this.

Ruth Walker avatar
Ruth Walker

Really enjoyed it. It was good.

Stephen M. avatar
Stephen M.

The film features absolutely stunning cinematography, a great cast and a very good story.

Cynthia Cox avatar
Cynthia Cox

A brilliant new take on the classic Drama genre! Truly unique and more than we could have expected or predicted!

Theresa Thomas avatar
Theresa Thomas

If you've got Daniel Rezende original masterpiece you'll easily be having butterflies in your stomach and zillions of thoughts going through your head. Thanks for this movie Daniel Rezende.

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Samantha Schmidt

Such a great drama movie!!

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Thomas Herrera

This movie is a gem screenplay, direction, music, acting in every department it scores 10 on 10.

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Kyle Martin

Love Daniel Rezende, this didn't disappoint!

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Donald O.

Vladimir Brichta is one the best actors around. He is always so good. Never seen him underperformed. He gives a great shot here too! Awesome movie ever!