Dead Sunrise

Dead Sunrise

Dead Sunrise is a movie starring Justin Boerst, Jacob Bradley, and Andrea Cimmino. Dead Sunrise is about a group of friends that find a research lab in the woods only to unleash little flesh eating children onto the world.

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Running Time
2 hours
Thriller, Horror, Sci-Fi, Adventure
Justin Boerst, Andrea Cimmino, Jacob Bradley, Xanda Cohen
Michal Imielski
Peter Maple, Michal Imielski
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

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Ruth Greene avatar
Ruth Greene

Michael's life is in Crisis. He's waking up every morning Depressed. He feels like he doesn't even know his wife anymore; and that quite possibly his daughter is taking over his life. A Road Trip with four old friends just might be the perfect antidote. A Getaway from the Hum Drum of it all. A Wild Adventure to Bring Him Back To Life. Five friends. One Road Trip. One Hell of a Discovery... Join the Ride and Hit the Road in search of fun, freedom, excitement. Try some murder, mayhem, and madness. For when the Sun Rises on this unsuspecting group of friends in the middle of nowhere - so does the Horror - so does the Fear - so do The Dead... Camping - stranded - in isolated Bushland, they have stumbled upon an Abandoned Old School. Yet, there are still children Abound. Children Everywhere! Sick children. Children in need of Help. No immediate tele-communication available. No transport nearby. No chance of Escape... For these particular Children are Hungry - and they want you for Dinner. School's Out; and this time it aint no Playground Rules...! This Time; it's Every Man, Woman, and (Zombie) Child for himself...!!!

Lauren P. avatar
Lauren P.

It was great. Keeps you guessing and wanting to watch more!

Wayne avatar

This movie is freaking amazing! Xanda Cohen does an awesome job of a gripping tale!

Kathleen B. avatar
Kathleen B.

good movie. surprised but good acting and good Sci-Fi.

Elizabeth J. avatar
Elizabeth J.

This is a great film to watch and I highly recommend it.

Martha B. avatar
Martha B.

Engrossing, Epic, Emotional. Those are the three E's that define this movie.

Nicole B. avatar
Nicole B.

This movie was a flawlessly directed masterpiece. Just watch it.

Jacqueline S. avatar
Jacqueline S.

Excellent film. Xanda Cohen and Justin Boerst give amazing performances.

Ryan W. avatar
Ryan W.

I really enjoyed this movie. If you like Adventure this movie won't let you down.

Kelly C. avatar
Kelly C.

I enjoyed this movie. So did my husband, cause he didnt fell asleep through the movie

Megan avatar

Was not expecting it to be SO GOOD! This has seriously become my favorite movie to date.

Juan avatar

Great performance by everyone!