The Gracefield Incident

The Gracefield Incident

The Gracefield Incident is a movie starring Mathieu Ratthe, Victor Andres Turgeon-Trelles, and Kimberly Laferriere. In Gracefield, three couples are spending a long weekend in a luxurious cabin when suddenly an uninvited guest in...

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Running Time
1 hours 29 minutes
Sci-Fi, Thriller, Horror, Mystery, Action
Juliette Gosselin, Victor Andres Turgeon-Trelles, Kimberly Laferriere, Mathieu Ratthe
Mathieu Ratthe
Mathieu Ratthe, Mathieu Ratthe
USA, Canada
Other Titles
L'événement Gracefield, Hadeseye Gracefield, Co sie wydarzylo w Gracefield
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Comments about sci-fi «The Gracefield Incident» (1838)

Wayne avatar

In Gracefield, three couples are spending a long weekend in a luxurious cabin when suddenly an uninvited guest in the form of a meteorite, comes crashing the party...

Christopher avatar

It was fan-tas-tic! I truly loved this movie! either if you like Thriller, just let your eyes feast on this masterpiece.

Peter R. avatar
Peter R.

Mathieu Ratthe newest film captures everything you can possibly love about going to the movies. It's filled with wonderful characters!

Julie avatar

Excellent film. Kimberly Laferriere and Juliette Gosselin give amazing performances.

Bruce H. avatar
Bruce H.

I enjoyed the movie, it was fun from start to finish. Quality was better than expected

Aaron avatar

Hadeseye Gracefield is pure genius! MUST WATCH!! Excellent movie, probably one of the best I've seen in years

Mark A. avatar
Mark A.

WOW are the only words to describe the movie! I'm honestly amazed. I expected a lot, and got SOOOOOO much more..

Steven avatar

Cast is great, story is great, dialogs are great! Kimberly Laferriere OMG! So fast, athletic, deadly and super-cute as always. Performance of this actor from acting to action is just top notch! Juliette Gosselin is a master. He's transforming from one character to another on his carrier. Just ATOMIC!

Danielle F. avatar
Danielle F.

L'événement Gracefield is filled with great performance, humor, action, graphics and brilliant direction. Highly recommended

Patricia avatar

Super-duper awesome flick! Kimberly Laferriere has to be one of the greatest actors Ive seen, Oh and Juliette Gosselin WOW! that is all i have to say. WOW!

Linda Jackson avatar
Linda Jackson

It has good action, A lot of emotion, a lot of suspense, a lot of surprises, this movie was just awesome. Its also awesome to see Kimberly Laferriere and Juliette Gosselin there!