Tater Tot & Patton

Tater Tot & Patton

Tater Tot & Patton is a movie starring Jessica Rothe, Bates Wilder, and Forrest Weber. A wayward millennial escapes to a South Dakota ranch, unhinging her Uncle's placid alcoholic life.

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Running Time
1 hours 31 minutes
Kathy Askew, Forrest Weber, Bates Wilder, Jessica Rothe
Andrew Kightlinger
Andrew Kightlinger
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Comments about drama «Tater Tot & Patton» (87)

Margaret M. avatar
Margaret M.

A wayward millennial escapes to a South Dakota ranch, unhinging her Uncle's placid alcoholic life.

Patricia avatar

It was an awesome movie. Loved the suspense.

Austin Griffin avatar
Austin Griffin

Andrew Kightlinger has crafted a wildly creative, utterly original and bold film!

Margaret avatar

I really loved this movie and wished it were longer. Can't ever get enough Kathy Askew or Bates Wilder and I could "feel" the talent of the professional actors!

Joe avatar

In this surprisingly good movie, Andrew Kightlinger raise interesting questions, but use a different angle this time around.

Brian Cruz avatar
Brian Cruz

Excellent movie. It made my day after being bedbound recovering from a cold.

Beverly R. avatar
Beverly R.

This is a really amazingly original movie: it's surprising actually, at first glance you'd think this must just be a good movie that made it to the cinemas - but it's more than a good movie! It brings and original story based plot with a new concept to it

Mildred Cole avatar
Mildred Cole

This movie was absolutely stunning, and I loved every minute of it

Emma Fox avatar
Emma Fox

It's smart, intense, well acted and superbly done. AMAZING FILM!

Joyce D. avatar
Joyce D.

Jessica Rothe is so talented he just makes almost every film he touches a hit! His performance in this Film is no exception.

Jessica Grant avatar
Jessica Grant

Very very very entertaining and thrilling film! Kathy Askew was by far my favorite character in this movie! She was great in this movie, so slick and cool!! And of course Bates Wilder is great in here, such a great hero, as he is in most movies.