Nabospionen is a movie starring Dar Salim, Albert Rudbeck Lindhardt, and Anne-Grethe Bjarup Riis. Ten-year old Agathe-Christine, or simply AC, fancy mysteries and from the basement in the building, where she has just moved in, she...

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Running Time
1 hours 17 minutes
Animation, Family
Albert Rudbeck Lindhardt, Anne-Grethe Bjarup Riis, Tommy Kenter, Dar Salim
Karla von Bengtson
Karla von Bengtson
Other Titles
Agatha, ma voisine détective, Superagentka, Agatha - granndetektiven, Next Door Spy
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Comments about animation «Nabospionen» (53)

Albert M. avatar
Albert M.

Ten-year old Agathe-Christine, or simply AC, prefers to be on her own. AC fancy mysteries, and from the basement in the building, where she has just moved in, she has established a small detective bureau. AC's first mystery appears to be simple to solve, but before long AC finds herself involved in a much more complicated affair, than she could have ever foreseen.

Wayne Griffin avatar
Wayne Griffin

Firstly, the cast. They are all excellent and experienced actors and actresses and they did their job on the level that it should be done ! Starting with Tommy Kenter. His acting ability is great and he made 100% effort to role. Certainly one of his best roles. Albert Rudbeck Lindhardt, who is absolutely amazing and most likely one of the best actors in Hollywood! This beautiful movie is made for everyone!

Amanda avatar

Shoulda won the Oscar. I can’t get enough of Dar Salim.

Brenda S. avatar
Brenda S.

The brilliant acting buy Tommy Kenter and Albert Rudbeck Lindhardt bring this film to life as the characters emotions about each other are slowly realised.

Kathleen avatar

Decent story, entertaining, worth the watch!

Brittany Reid avatar
Brittany Reid

Agatha, ma voisine détective is nothing like your average Hollywood movie. It is really something you should see for yourself.

Theresa Phillips avatar
Theresa Phillips

The great story, characters, visuals, and so forth made this film incredibly memorable, as this movie will hold a special place in my heart.

Kyle avatar

A Brilliant movie experience! And performances from Tommy Kenter and Albert Rudbeck Lindhardt stand out!

Doris Sandoval avatar
Doris Sandoval

WATCH IT.. if you don't.. STILL WATCH IT. GREAT FILM! enjoy, i only wish i could have that first watch again!!!!

Bruce avatar

Very good. Recommend.

Grace T. avatar
Grace T.

Excellent movie. Glad I watched it. A few errors in the screenplay but easily overlooked.

Madison W. avatar
Madison W.

WOW. This film was a breath of fresh air! Tommy Kenter and Albert Rudbeck Lindhardt did awesome job! Tommy Kenter was excellent at playing and does it flawlessly. The body language, facial expressions, etc., he does it perfectly! Albert Rudbeck Lindhardt was very good at playing his role; bringing charisma, a little humor, and a good amount of authority and responsibility.