Hondros is a movie starring Pancho Bernasconi, Greg Campbell, and Chris Hondros. HONDROS follows the life and career of famous war photographer Chris Hondros by exploring the poignant and often surprising stories behind this...

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Running Time
1 hours 30 minutes
Documentary, Biography, War
Pancho Bernasconi, Justin Merriman, Chris Hondros, Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
Jenny Golden, Greg Campbell
Libya, USA, Iraq, Liberia
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

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Tyler H. avatar
Tyler H.

HONDROS follows the life and career of famous war photographer Chris Hondros by exploring the poignant and often surprising stories behind this award-winning photojournalist's best-known photos. Driven by a commitment to bear witness to the wars of our time after the events of 9/11, Chris was among the first in a new generation of war photographers since Vietnam. HONDROS explores the complexities inherent in covering more than a decade of conflict, while trying to maintain a normal life. It also examines the unknowable calculus involved in making split-second life and death decisions -- before, during and after his photos were made. Chris was killed in Libya in 2011, but he left a lasting impact on his profession that is still felt today.

Judith F. avatar
Judith F.

Greg Campbell is excellent in the role, it is his best role in years! I like this movie so much and I would not even think to put a spoiler in my review but encourage everyone to see this on the big screen!!!!

Adam avatar

Like the movie and would recommend it.

Beverly F. avatar
Beverly F.

Shoulda won the Oscar. I can’t get enough of Chris Hondros.

Nicole H. avatar
Nicole H.

Firstly, the cast. They are all excellent and experienced actors and actresses and they did their job on the level that it should be done ! Starting with Pancho Bernasconi. His acting ability is great and he made 100% effort to role. Certainly one of his best roles. Greg Campbell, who is absolutely amazing and most likely one of the best actors in Hollywood! This beautiful movie is made for everyone!

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Russell W.

Don't wait until it comes out on DVD, go and watch it at your local cinema, you won't be disappointed!

Jose Anderson avatar
Jose Anderson

Special gratitude to Greg Campbell for crafting the Masterpiece out of a great character. I fell in love with the flick!

Deborah B. avatar
Deborah B.

Ever since the beginning of the film, I was so amazed and happy That I was at the premier of the movie. Very good acting from all the main characters and good acting from the rest.

Karen Alexander avatar
Karen Alexander

had no idea what to expect but i loved it.

Jeffrey Alvarado avatar
Jeffrey Alvarado

Real or not, this movie is one hell of a journey! The cinematography is just unrealistic good. Outstanding!

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Joyce H.

There are very few quality War film, except that movie. Highly recommend!