American Moon

American Moon

American Moon is a movie starring Paolo Attivissimo, Aldo Fallai, and Peter Lindbergh. This documentary examines the authenticity of the photographic record of NASA's Apollo missions.

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Running Time
3 hours 34 minutes
History, Documentary
Paolo Attivissimo, Danilo Pasqua, Aldo Fallai, Peter Lindbergh
Massimo Mazzucco
Massimo Mazzucco
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Comments about history «American Moon» (40)

Ashley Castillo avatar
Ashley Castillo

This documentary examines the authenticity of the photographic record of NASA's Apollo missions.

Carolyn avatar

Great Documentary movie. Added to my favorites list for sure. Great movie to watch over again.

Marilyn avatar

This movie is surely one of the Massimo Mazzucco finest blend, it had everything that makes you glued to the seats and those nail biting moments.

Shirley C. avatar
Shirley C.

OMG this is crazy! Almost No Detail miss, Story-line is perfect. Its a brand new story. No copycat. And nice chemistry between Aldo Fallai and Peter Lindbergh

Terry B. avatar
Terry B.

It is truly epic in every word. This is probably one of the most ambitious movies ever made.

Raymond T. avatar
Raymond T.

I liked it. Good actors. Good story.

Jerry avatar

This movie was pretty badass! if you haven't seen it before what are you waiting for? Go for it!!!

Megan avatar

Enjoy it for what it is! I can only say that I tremendously enjoyed it from start to finish.

Bruce Campbell avatar
Bruce Campbell

Loved this movie! Very entertaining modern History.

Larry C. avatar
Larry C.

The plot, the pacing, the character developments, the raw emotionally charged performances will keep you glued to your screen.

Craig Perkins avatar
Craig Perkins

Aldo Fallai and Peter Lindbergh give great performances. The plot is sometimes heartbreaking, but mostly interesting and it's easy to get into and get into the characters on their journey through this movie.