INXS: Baby Live at Wembly Stadium

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Comments about «INXS: Baby Live at Wembly Stadium» (23)

Frank avatar

I just finished the movie today and I must say that this is by far one of the most artistic and beautiful movies I have seen in years!

Sharon Olson avatar
Sharon Olson

Enjoyable story and well acted

Timothy avatar

This is the most beautiful and amazing movie of all time!

Frances avatar

Good movie. Trailer explains everything.

Ruth M. avatar
Ruth M.

Absolutely breathtaking and a fantastic way to make a movie interesting.

Bruce Williamson avatar
Bruce Williamson

i loved this movie. i saw previews for it months ago and totally forgot about it. im so happy it showed up tonight

Amy Dean avatar
Amy Dean

Such a great film

Amy avatar

Was not expecting it to be SO GOOD! This has seriously become my favorite movie to date.

Ethan J. avatar
Ethan J.

Oh my God!!! I can say without overstatement that I just saw the most gripping and entertaining film to come out in at least the past ten years!

Angela avatar

this was such a movie. even though it is a movie that few can relate to, those few who can do it so strongly.

Johnny Brooks avatar
Johnny Brooks

This movie is amazing!!! Acting was good. Conclusion: really, really loved it. If you haven't seen it rent it or buy it on blu-ray just GO SEE IT!!